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Did you know that

22 wineries and a whiskey distillery

are tucked into the edges

of Skyline drive?

Skyline Drive is reknowned as one of the top five scenic drives in the United States. This hiking, daytripping, staycation and vacation meca plays host to 1.3 million visitors per year, showing off the best scenery Virginia has to offer.

The Park is a haven for a multitude of wildlife, cascading waterfalls and spectacular vistas of quaint communities that lie in the foothills of Shenandoah National Park.

Four entrance stations lead onto and off of the road. When the 35 mile per hour speed limit and hair pin turns get to be too much, you can jump off of the drive for awhile to take in a winery or delectible restaurant just down the mountain.

The new Skyline Wine Dine & Recline Trail map combines the location of hikes, waterfalls, scenic overlooks, picnic areas, restaurants and lodging in the park with the approximate location of charming vineyards, restaurants and Inns youíll see from above and find in the foothills below.

The www.SkylineWineTrail.com website is a directory that gets you right to all the websites you need for hiking information, waterfall locations, milepost highlights, wineries, restaurants and bed & breakfast locations nearby. Use the links you find in the website to plan your perfect itinerary through the Skyline Wine Dine & Recline Trail.

Virginia Named One of the 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations

Wine Enthusiast Magazine has named Virginia one of the 10 best wine travel destinations. The article, listed online and in the February issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, highlights Virginia as one of only three domestic destinations to make the list of wine regions that are ideal for wine lovers to visit. Virginia was named along with regions in Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Hungary, Germany, France, Chile and two regions in California. The article cites Virginia's rich history, natural beauty and wine makers as some of the many reasons why Virginia is a hot wine travel destination. Virginia is home to more than 250 wineries statewide.

"The fact that Virginia has wineries in every region of the Commonwealth sets us apart as a wine travel destination," said Alisa Bailey, president and CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corporation.






Virginia's 2,790 Acre,

$10.4 Million Dollar, 7,000 Ton

Golden Goose

Meandering out into the country in search of good wine has become a passion for Washingtonians. And, it turns out ... it's not just about wine. It's about environmental stewardship. It's about carbon footprint consciousness. It's supporting local farms first. And, it's preserving Virginia's pristine farmland.

As the grand old Commonwealth farms go up for sale, they often get sucked into the urban sprawl of the city by housing developers. Why?

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A new festival trend is happening in Virginia as the State gains a solid reputation for producing world-class wine. Upgraded wine festivals are emerging featuring better wines, in better venues, paired with high-end culinary and cultural entertainment for a better tasting experience that appeals to today's sophisticated wine connoisseur!

The Virginia wine festival circuit is arguably one of the best in the nation.

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Virginia Takes a Bow

on The World Wine Stage

Thomas Jefferson had a vision ... of vineyards lacing the Virginia landscape. And, along with the vines, certain economic benefits ó not to mention the resulting prestige, pleasure and refinement of enjoying fine wine.

Mr. Jeffersonís writings detailing creation of a viable wine industry in Virginia didnít come to fruition during his lifetime, but, today, he would surely be proud!

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